The Big Data Myth

[…] When you normally deal with datasets with a hundred records, any dataset with a thousand records is overwhelming and paralyzing. And when you normally deal with datasets with a thousand records and now you’ve been asked to work with a dataset with a million records, that volume of data is overwhelming. It’s not the size of the data that makes it big data, it’s your experience with that size of data that makes it big data.

So really, big data is a myth. There are simply datasets that are larger than what you are used to working with and that you don’t yet have sufficient experience or tools to work with. It doesn’t deserve a new name. It deserves time and patience to gain a new sense of comfort and learn the  tools that other people have already been using for a lon time. Nothing more.

Big data? No such thing.

I’ve been saying the same thing as above, perhaps not as eloquently, for years now.

“Big”, when speaking of data, is relative depending on ones experience and the tools at hand.

The Big Data Myth

Via: SmartData Collective