The Biggest Big Data Project to Date Should Have Been in Texas

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This eulogy of the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC) that should have been built in the US— in TX —struck a chord with me. This is the biggest big data project that has been and it should have been here. How shortsighted we have been. The advancements being made at CERN are not just toward some ephemeral ‘God Particle‘, but also toward data science, operations engineering, “Big Data” stream processing and on and on and on.

We gathered all the nation’s elite
to design and build man’s greatest feat

“Come build it for us” Congress said
“America must be at the forefront, always ahead.”

So come we did, pursuing the dream
to build the machine that collides proton beams

“It’s pork-barrel, useless, garbage” they cried.
“Off with its head” the House puffed with pride.

Our families just stare, confused and upset,
The children all innocent, the spouses with regret

“Why did I come out here?” they wonder to themselves.
“I left the home I lived in since I was just twelve.

”Little was ventured, and little was gained
Except to fill the nation’s physicists with anger and pain.

How Texas Lost the World’s Largest Super Collider | Texas Monthly