List of Meta-Resources for Big Data

A “Cliff Notes” for Big Data

Following is a list of meta-resources which have been identified by Dr. Kirk Borne in a blog post he wrote at Data Science Central. The list is made up of links clickable through to the resource they identify. I have also included a link to Dr. Borne’s blog post:

Dr. Kirk Borne writes at Data Science Central:

The flood of articles, webinars, and conferences related to Big Data is generating its own “infoglut”. Consequently, it is really helpful when you find resources that summarize many of the latest developments in one place – a sort of “Cliff Notes” for Big Data.  Here are six meta-resources that I have found useful, plus one additional collection that I authored:

Big Data Meta-ResourcesDr. Borne’s original blog post: Big Data – Seven Meta-Resources for Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Data Stories, Opportunities, and Insights – Data Science Central