Infographic: Physical Storage vs Digital Storage

This infographic was created by the online, cloud backup provider, Mozy. This graphic compares and contrasts the size and capacity of physical storage mediums that have been used in the past with the digital mediums being used today. It opens with the following narrative:

Recording information is an inherent part of our humanity. As we evolve, we create more efficient means of storing this information. Since the creation of computers, we have greatly increased our ability to store and access large quantities of information.

This is then followed by the example of the storage of audio— music specifically. The original recording medium, a way cylinder would hold at the most, 2 minutes of audio and had a fairly inconvenient (by today’s standards to be sure) size to capacity ratio. Also shown are the 10in 78 rpm record with a 6 minute capacity (3 minutes per side), the 12 in LP with a capacity of 44 minutes, 46 minute 8-Track tape, 60 to 90 minute cassette tapes and finally, the 80 minute CD. These items are shown on contrast to the original iPod by Apple, which, with its 5 GB capacity, held a whopping 117 hours of audio and the more current 120 GB version which holds more than 83 days of audio! Movies, photos and books are examined in turn, each showing as dramatic an evolution as the previous.

From – Physical Storage vs Digital Storage
From – Physical Storage vs Digital Storage

Infographic: The Relative Sizes of Data – Physical, Digital, Organic

This infographic was done by the Information is Beautiful Studio for BBC Future. It show the various relationships of sizes between mechanisms of storing data- analog or physical, digital and organic.

From Megabytes to Gigabytes to Terabytes to Petabytes to Zettabytes to Yottabytes, it is interesting to see how the incredibly small is able to contain as much ‘information’ as the very large.

Examples given range from a strand of DNA containing as much ‘information’ as a 1TB hard disk, a human zygote being able to transport as much ‘information’ as the contents of Wikipedia up to the sum of all microbes on the Earth containing as much ‘information’ as 10,000 Yottabytes- an unfathomable amount.

From Information is Beautiful Studio - Bytes Sized: Sizing Up Storage Capacities

From Information is Beautiful Studio – Bytes Sized: Sizing Up Storage Capacities

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