Big Data Humor: Power Of The Pie

Daniel Gutierrez, Managing Editor of gives us the following bit of Big Data Humor:

Big Data Humor: Pacman Pie Chart

Pie charts are typically deemed the least useful type of plot to data scientists during the Exploratory Data Analysis phase of a machine learning project, but in this case I think it works!

This joke sparked a memory I have of a related bit of humor- this is all my fault… No going back to blame Dan for any of this one:

A son comes home for spring break after having gone away from the family farm the first time for college. He’s in the kitchen at home with his father who is just starting a conversation, “Hello, son! It’s good to see you and have you back home again, even if it is for a short time.” “Thanks, Paw! I’m glad to be home and more glad to have a break from school— it’s a lot of hard work!”, responds the son. “Is it now?” says the father, “What’s your most difficult class?” “Trigonometry,” answers the son, “but, it’s also the most interesting.” “Is that so,” replies the father, “Tell me something interesting that you’ve learned in this class.”

T-Shirt: Pie Are Round, Cornbread Are Square

The son taps his temple with his forefinger and searches his memory before replying, “Well, we learned about circles and about Pi ‘r’ squared.” The father shook his head slowly, smirked and quietly scoffed before saying, “Son, I hate to say it, but I think you may be wasting your time at that fancy big college-school. Everyone with sense knows that ‘Pie are squared’ is absolutely wrong! CORNBREAD are square, PIE are round!”

Big Data Humor: The (Ir)-Rational Fear of Statistics

Big Data Humor: Irrational Fear of Statistics? – insideBIGDATA

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Another bit of Big Data humor courtesy Daniel Gutierrez, Managing Editor of insideBigData. This time, the topic is the (ir)-rational fear of statistics:

Big Data Humor: The Irrational Fear of Statistics