Proof of Netflix’ Awesomeness!

This awesome article at VentureBeat about a customer’s encounter with Netflix support makes me want to subscribe to Netflix— since I’m already a subscriber, I’ll just share the love….

This Netflix employee just raised the bar for awesome customer service (screenshot)

This Netflix employee just raised the bar for awesome customer service (screenshot)

Via Paramount/CBS

Usually conversations with customer service representatives are pretty bland, or even painful if you’re trying to resolve a problem. As it turns out, this isn’t always true when dealing with Netflix.

Yesterday Netflix subscriber Norm contacted the company about a problem he was having with an episode of Parks and Rec. In the middle of the episode, the video player would get stuck in a “temporal loop” that continuously played the last three seconds (sort of like an unintentional YTMND page). Netflix service rep Michael responded by introducing himself as “Captain Mike of the good ship Netflix” and then asked which member of the crew he was speaking with. “Lieutenant” Norm took the bait, responding as if he was a ranking Star Fleet officer from Star Trek.

With the exception of the first two lines, neither side broke character for the duration of the conversation, which Norm shared via the screenshot we’ve embedded below. [Note: Read the full conversation at the bottom of the [linked] post.] And before you declare shenanigans, Netflix confirmed to VentureBeat that the exchange is indeed real.

Netflix customer service exchange

A portion of Netflix member Norm’s exchange with customer service rep



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