Five Web-Based Big Data Visualization Apps

Captured by webthumbnail.orgFive Web-based Apps to help you visualize big data – TechRepublic

In this article, five web browser based apps are presented. These apps are all geared toward facilitating the visualization of big data. As the article posits, when enough data has been collected, it is almost beyond the limits of ability to imagine the potential of this data; however, the ability to visualize this big data is a powerful tool. It is potentially the one tool (data visualization) powerful enough to restore the ability to imagine and even realize the potential of this big data.

Five Apps for Browser Based Data Visualization

  1. Many Eyes is an experiment, by IBM, that allows you to easily visualize your data set.
  2. With iCharts you can load just about any kind of data including spreadsheets, Google Drive documents, and more. Interactive charts are a unique feature that allows you to integrate data pop-ups, zoom & pan, or rich comments.
  3. Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine which attempts to rival Google. What is unique to WolframAlpha is that you can enter a string and have the tool immediately compute the string and display the results.
  4. Visualize Free is a hosted tool that gets you to upload your own data sets as well as gives you access to publicly available datasets. With this data you can build your own interactive visualizations to help illustrate your data.
  5. Data Wrangler is a web-based service from Stanford University’s Visualization Group. This tool is used for cleaning and rearranging data into a form that other tools can use (such as a spreadsheet). Although this tool will not actually visualize your data, it will clean it up so that visualization tools can actually make use of the data.

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