etcML – Free Text Analysis Tool

etcML – Free Text-Analysis Tool

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The etcML, Easy Text Classification with Machine Learning, website allows the user to upload their own data, and then, using the various built-in algorithms, run the already trained machine learning classifiers against that uploaded data to tag the text with sentiment (positive, negative or neutral), topic (such as politics, sports, business and the like) or with the user’s own classifiers. In addition to uploading data which is to be classified, the user is able to upload pre-labeled training data and train a classifier to predict tags for the uploaded raw data.

This is truly an amazing system. A tutorial on how to upload your own data and training data sets as well as create and train your own classifier is also available.

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Daniel Gutierrez, Managing Editor of insideBigData reports:

Have you every wondered whether a certain TV network has a specific political bias? Is your favorite news source fair and balanced? A group of Stanford computer scientists have created a website with the ability to answer such questions for free using machine learning technology.

The newly launched website is called etcML, short for Easy Text Classification with Machine Learning.

Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to acquire new understanding of data content in a more human-like way. The etcML website is based on machine-learning techniques that were developed to analyze the meaning embodied in text, then perform sentiment analysis – to gauge the text’s overall positive or negative sentiment.

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