Data Science 101: Machine Learning – Probability

Srinath Sridhar, an engineer with BloomReach, has recorded a 5-part video series giving a fairly comprehensive introduction to the world of Machine Learning. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is Machine Learning?”, or wondered how it actually worked, these videos are for you!

This first video goes over some of the fundamental definitions of statistics that are necessary as a foundation to understanding and analyzing the machine learning algorithms that are to be examined in following videos. The presentation defines random variable, sample space, probability, expectation, standard deviation and variance and goes over examples of discrete and continuous probability distributions.

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Video: The Expert

My Experience

I’ve worked as a professional services consultant at several different points in my career. When in meetings with clients or prospective clients, I’ve been tagged with the role of ‘The Expert’ more often than any other. The video which follows is about as dead on as close to reality without becoming so true to life as to become scary and sad.

It’s not a long jump to go from perpendicular lines to talking about Big Data…

Trust me… Spend the few minutes it takes to watch it. It’s funny. You’ll enjoy it.