Big Data is Still Data

Yesterday I wrote a post entitled, “Big Data’s Little Secret”. In that post, I noted it is my belief that the ‘fear of missing out’ has become concomitant with the ever quickening pace of technology’s advance. I further opined that because of the fear of missing out there is increasing potential that we’ll lose sight of the fact (if we haven’t already) that “Big Data” is still Data.

We’ve accumulated many many years of expertise and understanding in the domains of Data and Data Management. We understand backup and recovery and replication. Specialties and specialists have arisen from the sub-domains of data governance as well as security and auditing. We recognize the business’ need for data when we consider its availability and do disaster preparedness planning. There are so many facets of data and it’s management that I don’t believe I am able to list but a very small percentage of them, yet I am hard pressed to come up with a single example which applies to what we classically call Data and not to “Big Data”.

It must have been serendipity, then, that I came across this Infographic at the IBM Big Data Hub.

From the Infographic:

There are certain things that cannot be overlooked when dealing with data. Best practices must be instituted for the care of big data just as they have long been in small data. […]

Enjoy …

Infographic: Taming Big Data - From IBM

Infographic: Taming Big Data – From IBM

Infographic: How travel marketers can benefit from Big Data analytics

According to a Big Data-focused infographic by McKinsey,

42% of European consumers carry out web searches on their mobile devices in stores.

61% of consumers worldwide use digital channels as part of their purchase journey.

78% of mobile activity is data, and not voice.

72% of CEOs report that marketers can rarely explain the incremental business that marketing spend can generate.

via How travel marketers can benefit from Big Data analytics [INFOGRAPHIC].

Infographic: Why Marketers Should a Learn to a Stop Worrying and Love the Data - McKinsey and Company

Infographic: Why Marketers Should a Learn to a Stop Worrying and Love the Data – McKinsey and Company


Infographic: A Checklist of 17 LinkedIn Profile Tips

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

Neal Schaffer, the Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Maximize Social Business wrote an article a few months ago in which he enumerated a checklist of 17 Must-Have items for your LinkedIn Profile.

I’ve listed the 17 LinkedIn Profile Tips below:

  1. Get serious about your photo
  2. Professional names only, please
  3. Professional Headline branding is critical
  4. Optimize your location
  5. Align your industry
  6. Customize your profile URL
  7. Your Activity will show your latest status update – do you have one?
  8. Your Professional Summary: Expand upon your Professional Headline – and support it
  9. Fully connect with your past
  10. Keywords
  11. Build credibility with recommendations
  12. Don’t ignore endorsements – manage them
  13. Embrace the visual
  14. Make yourself contactable
  15. Join relevant LinkedIn groups
  16. Sections
  17. Are you connected enough?

The original article can be found at the following link:

Professional LinkedIn Profile Tips: A Checklist of 17 Must-Have Items.

Recently, this list and the associated tips have been made into an infographic– and here it is in all it’s graphical, chock-full-of-information goodness and glory:

Infographic: The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Tips Summary