Big Data is Still Data

Yesterday I wrote a post entitled, “Big Data’s Little Secret”. In that post, I noted it is my belief that the ‘fear of missing out’ has become concomitant with the ever quickening pace of technology’s advance. I further opined that because of the fear of missing out there is increasing potential that we’ll lose sight of the fact (if we haven’t already) that “Big Data” is still Data.

We’ve accumulated many many years of expertise and understanding in the domains of Data and Data Management. We understand backup and recovery and replication. Specialties and specialists have arisen from the sub-domains of data governance as well as security and auditing. We recognize the business’ need for data when we consider its availability and do disaster preparedness planning. There are so many facets of data and it’s management that I don’t believe I am able to list but a very small percentage of them, yet I am hard pressed to come up with a single example which applies to what we classically call Data and not to “Big Data”.

It must have been serendipity, then, that I came across this Infographic at the IBM Big Data Hub.

From the Infographic:

There are certain things that cannot be overlooked when dealing with data. Best practices must be instituted for the care of big data just as they have long been in small data. […]

Enjoy …

Infographic: Taming Big Data - From IBM

Infographic: Taming Big Data – From IBM


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