About Mike Pluta

Mike PlutaThank you for coming to my blog.  I hope to pass along bits of information and topics of interest with which I have had some experience.  If there is ever anything that needs explanation or if there is a topic which requires expansion, please reach out to me via the comments and I will do my best to oblige.  If I’m asked about something I don’t know, I become particularly motivated— I believe one of the best methods to learn something is to teach it… And I love to learn.

Again, Thank You.

Who is Mike Pluta?

Mike Pluta is the Owner / Operator of and Principal Architect for Broomfield Technology Consultants. Broomfield Technology Consultants (BTC) is a boutique advisory services consultancy based in Broomfield, Colorado on the North-West side of the Denver metropolitan area. BTC focuses on providing strategic advice about Big Data and Business Intelligence to small and medium-sized businesses.

Mike Pluta is an Emerging Technology Specialist with skills as an Enterprise Architect. Mike has a Strategic Vision and a Deep Understanding of the Value of Data. He has a Long Standing History working with Big Data and NoSQL. His 20+ years’ Technology and Business Experience has developed within him an understanding of Complex and Difficult Program Management. He has Multiple Industry Domain Expertise including Financial Services, Banking, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare (Payer and Provider), Pharmaceutical and Biomedical.


Mike Pluta has had a career filled with new and different experiences.  He considers this serendipity. Mike does not shy away from a challenge for lack of experience or it not being in his job description. While his core competency and primary professional focus has been Information Systems and Technology, by taking advantage of opportunities Mike has grown his experiences and knowledge outside of the IS/IT realm.

In addition to his IS/IT experience, Mike Pluta was a Venture Capital business plan analyst, designed and built network monitoring equipment and software for the purpose of covert network surveillance, built commercial radio broadcast studios and even hosted a weekly radio show. Mike built radio and TV broadcast transmission facilities on mountain tops in Colorado and he’s built companies. Included among Mike’s start-up experiences, from concept to operation, he built an industry leading large format sign and billboard print company.

In addition to developing his wide and deep pool of life and work experience, Mike Pluta’s work outside of IS/IT has enhanced his intuition and direct understanding of how, where and why to apply technology to solve business problems. Through Mike’s involvement in several start-up companies, he has developed an appreciation and comfort with the role of player-coach, leading by example and doing what is necessary for tactical operations while working to define and steer the company toward its strategic goals. Mike has excellent verbal and written communication skills, and he excels at explaining, to varied audiences, the application and value of technology.


Big Data Word CloudMike’s current professional interests are around the technology, architecture, design and implementation of very large databases in support of evidence based and data-driven decision support systems. Specifically, Mike has interests in Big Data, NoSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Neo4j, Python and iOS App Development.